Sunday, 25 March 2018

Blind Luck

"Sow, sow till you get to reap
Work Hard, You will get rewards to keep"
Is it so? I ask changing the news channel
As banners of injustice are discussed on the panel

Innocence rewarded with the splash of blood
Seeds of sweat and pain wiped off in the flood
Grace and beauty sabotaged with force so brutal
Rebellious voices face opposition's blows, its fatal

I see the unworthy rise to the throne
Nepotism at play, they favor the homegrown
Amidst the cry for equality safety and integrity
I wonder what has happened to the age old humanity?

Is life really fair? Does the world let it be?
Smothered souls dying down or is it something else i fail to see??
Pushing apart to snatch their dreams as destiny looks by
In this morally blind world, is it really worth the try??

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