Sunday, 25 March 2018

Blind Luck

"Sow, sow till you get to reap
Work Hard, You will get rewards to keep"
Is it so? I ask changing the news channel
As banners of injustice are discussed on the panel

Innocence rewarded with the splash of blood
Seeds of sweat and pain wiped off in the flood
Grace and beauty sabotaged with force so brutal
Rebellious voices face opposition's blows, its fatal

I see the unworthy rise to the throne
Nepotism at play, they favor the homegrown
Amidst the cry for equality safety and integrity
I wonder what has happened to the age old humanity?

Is life really fair? Does the world let it be?
Smothered souls dying down or is it something else i fail to see??
Pushing apart to snatch their dreams as destiny looks by
In this morally blind world, is it really worth the try??

The Life of the Living Dead

Living bodies dead souls;
Trying to find a purpose,
Trying to set goals.
Misinterpreted the meaning of life;
Then shut themselves from the world.

Tried to keep a leash,
On the demons bred by their fear;
Their conscience a patient of the disease,
That sucked the joy of life,
Rendering their souls lifeless.

Oh !Those
Living bodies dead souls,
Trying to find a purpose,
Trying to set goals.

Not that they tried to seek;
Support from around when;
Their hopes started to fade,
Optimistic thoughts were bleak,
But to no purpose ;as the world around went past them.

Wandering souls in the dark they were;
Walking without a ray of guiding light;
Contained within themselves;
Suffering & rotting inside, with their hearts soaked in plight.

Lillies And The Flower

Amongst the lillies in the garden
Bloomed a bright yellow flower
It bloomed in the sunlight it bloomed in the dark
Its aura could be felt from afar

Time began to fly, but the flower did not die
This flower surrounded by the lillies was  blessed from the sky
Soon there came a farmer who plucked the lillies from the garden
But he left the yellow flower in the garden as its aura was something he could not deny

The poor yellow flower now bloomed alone
And slowly began to droop down
Only in a couple of moments
It shrinked and fell to the ground

The Returning Ship

Behold the sailing ship that comes crashing to the shore
Few eyes shine like emeralds as they walk through the sand content to the core
Others with wrinkled foreheads wonder if they could choose to stay back
Some with silver hair and some have their hair jet black

Few grains of sand fill hearts with pride
Few sink them with regret
Few sparkle so bright they blind the sailers with doubts
Few go back to the ocean to give a base to the next fleet

The old white bearded man welcomes with open arms his eyes giving off a white hue
You shall rest for a while and take the trip again if you wish
But this time be prepared to see the grains of the rocks you threw
While you were in the ocean with the sailing crew

The crew disappears in the white hue
The old man waits for the next fleet
To see the emerald eyes and wrinkled forheads again
The former get eternal peace the latter take the trip again

The Night I Should Have Said No

Amidst the teenage dreams
Amidst the disco glares
Where conscious was lost
To the flying energy of the youth

just a dare back then
It has now left me incapable
Of even holding a pen
It was that night i wish i had said no

It did feel so good then
Living in a world devoid of reality
But reality never left the chase
Got me forever stuck in that maze

Didnt know when i made my parents my nemesis
Didnt know when i left those bruises on my sisters cheeks
Didnt know when i left deep scars in the hearts of those who mattered
Oh How i wish i had said No that night

The pill lifted my spirits high
But thrashed my morales down
I was trying to climb the ladder
With broken steps at the end

The Unchecked Option

Dont tell me to calm down
I have had my share of days
I have lost a lifetime for the crown
Created my own demons to chase

What started a fairy tale
Now on the brink of a nightmare
The pompous ship that set on sail
Drowned unworthy of anyone's care

Drank the venom of my own obsession
To rise to the throne
What did I know! It was just a compensation
For freezing my soul, see i reap the seeds I had sown

Can't take a step back
To pounce on the prey
Rendered too weak to attack
This dog never had its day

Lying on the verge of permanent slumber
I assemble all my coins and gem
Realizing they were in disguise of black stones & dried timber
I sign off in ruin, condemned.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

My Story of Writing.

Does it ever happen that you have a flash of thoughts coming all at once and then the other second they are gone? You want to catch them but you simply cannot. Does it ever happen that you wish you had an audience to express yourself? Do you ever feel like missing a train, completely restless?
Well I don’t know about you, but I definitely felt it a while back.  Although I am an extrovert teen, I could not simply understand my very own self. I used to get restless without a known reason, burst out into tears even. I tried getting hold of my thoughts but it simply ran down my control like the sand which slips off our hands. This being the cause I started losing out focus and concentration and nothing seemed to go right.
One thing I knew for sure was that it has to be me who will rescue me from this pit of darkness. However there had to be a source of light to guide me through. I tried out various ways to express myself, painting, sketching, boxing and what not! At the end, I just kept Anne Frank in mind and decided to maintain a diary.
Before writing my first letter in the diary, I gave it a name and made a vow. All the letters that I wrote in this diary should come out through the depths of my heart and not through a conscious and thoughtful mind. And this was the start of my diary writing journey. All that went into the diary were my inner most thoughts and emotions. Expressing them in the diary rescued me from the tyrant known as restlessness and I regained my focus and concentration back. This magical journey has led me through a phase of self-discovery and I am still a part of it.

Every time I pen down my thoughts, I feel like I am entering this paradise, where I am just myself, where the world around me is mine, where I am just a free spirit. All the poems and short stories I started writing were like angels in my life bringing me the pleasure and happiness I always yearned for. The source of light which guided me from the pit of darkness was writing. Writing is just not an art but a school where I am discovering myself, where my dreams come alive. It is where I find solace and I know it would be where I will find myself fully discovered. 

I am participating in the Writing Contest: How Writing Has Positively Influenced My Life. Hosted by Positive Writer. -
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