Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Unchecked Option

Dont tell me to calm down
I have had my share of days
I have lost a lifetime for the crown
Created my own demons to chase

What started a fairy tale
Now on the brink of a nightmare
The pompous ship that set on sail
Drowned unworthy of anyone's care

Drank the venom of my own obsession
To rise to the throne
What did I know! It was just a compensation
For freezing my soul, see i reap the seeds I had sown

Can't take a step back
To pounce on the prey
Rendered too weak to attack
This dog never had its day

Lying on the verge of permanent slumber
I assemble all my coins and gem
Realizing they were in disguise of black stones & dried timber
I sign off in ruin, condemned.

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