Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Returning Ship

Behold the sailing ship that comes crashing to the shore
Few eyes shine like emeralds as they walk through the sand content to the core
Others with wrinkled foreheads wonder if they could choose to stay back
Some with silver hair and some have their hair jet black

Few grains of sand fill hearts with pride
Few sink them with regret
Few sparkle so bright they blind the sailers with doubts
Few go back to the ocean to give a base to the next fleet

The old white bearded man welcomes with open arms his eyes giving off a white hue
You shall rest for a while and take the trip again if you wish
But this time be prepared to see the grains of the rocks you threw
While you were in the ocean with the sailing crew

The crew disappears in the white hue
The old man waits for the next fleet
To see the emerald eyes and wrinkled forheads again
The former get eternal peace the latter take the trip again

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