Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Night I Should Have Said No

Amidst the teenage dreams
Amidst the disco glares
Where conscious was lost
To the flying energy of the youth

just a dare back then
It has now left me incapable
Of even holding a pen
It was that night i wish i had said no

It did feel so good then
Living in a world devoid of reality
But reality never left the chase
Got me forever stuck in that maze

Didnt know when i made my parents my nemesis
Didnt know when i left those bruises on my sisters cheeks
Didnt know when i left deep scars in the hearts of those who mattered
Oh How i wish i had said No that night

The pill lifted my spirits high
But thrashed my morales down
I was trying to climb the ladder
With broken steps at the end

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